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This section contains resources maintained by the Pattern Recognition in Embedded Systems Group.


Logistic Activity Recognition Challenge (LARa Version 02) – A Motion Capture and Inertial Measurement Dataset Altermann_2022 Moya Rueda 2020 Avsar_2021

Named Entity Linking Tüselmann 2022

Named Entity Annotations for George Washington and IAM Database Tüselmann 2021

Logistic Activity Recognition Challenge (LARa) – A Motion Capture and Inertial Measurement Dataset Moya Rueda 2020

Additional material for 'Passive online geometry calibration of acoustic sensor networks' Plinge 2017

Scene Object Relation Counds used in Grzeszick 2016 - arXiv preprint

Multi-channel acoustic event dataset used in Kuerby 2016

Feldpostcards (image side) used in Grzeszick 2014

Acoustic event dataset used in Plinge 2014a

Speaker tracking dataset used in Plinge 2012

DWD dataset (handwritten weather reports) used in Richarz 2012, Richarz 2012

Gesture dataset (arm trajectories) used in Richarz 2011

Lampung dataset (handwritten characters) used in Junaidi 2011

Speaker tracking dataset used in Plinge 2011



Spatial Visual Words (Python code) used in Grzeszick 2013

Acoustic Words (Python code) used in Plinge 2014a, Grzeszick 2015

BC-Isomap and BC-MDS (Python Code) as used in Sudholt 2015

Online Handwriting Features as used in Wieprecht 2016

PHOCNet (Python Code) as used in Sudholt 2016

Acoustic Geometry Calibration (Python code) used in Plinge 2014c Plinge 2016 Plinge 2017

Trained CNNs

PHOCNet - George Washington CV 1

PHOCNet - George Washington CV 2

PHOCNet - George Washington CV 3

PHOCNet - George Washington CV 4


PHOCNet - Esposalles


Latex Beamer Slides

Thesis Template