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Teaching - current and upcoming

Topics for Theses and Student Workers

A list of current topics can be found here.

WS 2022/2023


Fachprojekt Dokumentenanalyse

Fachprojekt Computervision

SS 2022

Computer Vision

Project Group: HistWeb

Fachprojekt Dokumentenanalyse

Fachprojekt Computervision

WS 2021/2022


Project Group: Smart Shopping Assistant

Fachprojekt Dokumentenanalyse

SS 2021

Fachprojekt Ambient Intelligence

Teaching - previous


Pattern Recognition (Mustererkennung) WS05 WS06 WS07 WS08 WS09 WS10 WS11 WS12 WS13 WS14 WS15 WS16 WS17 WS18 WS19 WS20

Computer Vision WS06 WS07 WS08 WS09 SS11 SS12 SS13 SS15 SS17 SS19 SS20

Computer Architecture (Rechnerarchitektur/Rechnerstrukturen) SS08 SS09 WS09 WS10 WS11 SS12 WS12

Computing Systems (Rechensysteme) SS06 SS07

Speech Recognition (Spracherkennung) WS05 WS06 SS08 SS09 SS11 SS14

Handwriting Recognition (Schrifterkennung) SS18

Undergraduate Projects

Fachprojekt Dokumentenanalyse SS14 SS15 SS16 SS17 WS18 WS19 WS20

Fachprojekt Ambient Intelligence WS15 WS17 SS19


Intelligent Spaces SS07

Design and Realization of Interface Agents SS07

Human-Robot Interaction SS06

Biologisch Inspirierte Signalverarbeitung SS16


Project Groups

Project Group: Time Machine

Project Group: Camera-Assisted Pick-by-Feel

Project Group: TabScript - Handschrifterkennung auf Android basierten Tablets

Project Group: CampusGuide - Ein mobiler Roboterassistent als Orientierungshilfe unter Verwendung webbasierter Services

Project Group: NextWii - Multimodal interaction with computergames

Project Group C01: PARTYBOT: Development of an Attention Architecture for a Mobile Robot on the Basis of OSGi

Project Group Active Localization and Tracking of Sound Sources Using an Artificial Head

Project Group 492: Video-based Detection and Identification of Persons (VIPER)