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Video-Based On-line Handwriting Recognition

G. A. Fink, M. Wienecke and G. Sagerer
Proc. Int. Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition, pages 226-230, Seattle, 2001.

The use of handwriting provides a natural way of interacting with small portable computers. However, in order to capture handwritten text on-line special input devices are necessary. Therefore, Munich & Perona [1] proposed to use visual input for pen-based computers. Writing can then be performed on ordinary paper and pen trajectories are automatically extracted from image sequences recorded during the writing process. On the basis of this work we developed a complete video-based on-line handwriting recognition system. We will present the techniques applied for pen tracking, pre-processing, feature extraction, and statistical modeling and recognition. Evaluation results on a writer independent unconstrained handwriting recognition task demonstrate that the inherent limitations of the video-based approach can be compensated using robust modeling combined with adaptation techniques. \\ [1] Mario E. Munich and Pietro Perona: Visual Input for Pen-Based Computers, in International Conference on Pattern Recognition, volume 3, pages 33-37, Vienna, Austria, 1996.

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