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A Hierarchical Approach to Unsupervised Shape Calibration of Microphone Array Networks

M. Hennecke, T Pl{\"o}tz, G. A. Fink, J. Schmalenstr{\"o}er and R. H{\"a}b-Umbach
Proc. 2009 IEEE Workshop on Stat. Signal Proc., pages 257-260, Cardiff, Wales, UK, 2009.

Microphone arrays represent the basis for many challenging acoustic sensing tasks. The accuracy of techniques like beamforming directly depends on a precise knowledge of the relative positions of the sensors used. Unfortunately, for certain use cases manually measuring the geometry of an array is not feasible due to practical constraints. In this paper we present an approach to unsupervised shape calibration of microphone array networks. We developed a hierarchical procedure that first performs local shape calibration based on coherence analysis and then employs SRP-PHAT in a network calibration method. Practical experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach especially for highly reverberant acoustic environments.

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