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Evaluating Ubiquitous Systems with Users

C. Kray, L. B. Larsen, P. Olivier, M. Biemans, A. van Bunningen, M. Fetter, T. Jay, V.-J. Khan, G. Leitner, I. Mulder, J. M{\"u}ller, T. Pl{\"o}tz and I. Lopez de Vallejo
Constructing Ambient Intelligence AmI 2007 Workshop Proceedings, pages 63-74, 2007.

Evaluating ubiquitous systems with users can be a challenge, and the goal of this workshop was to take stock of current issues and novel approaches to address this challenge. In this paper, we report on the discussions we had during several plenary and small-group sessions. We first briefly review those evaluation methods that we identified as being used in ubiquitous computing, and then discuss several issues and research questions that emerged during the discussion. These issues include: data sources used for evaluation, comparing ubiquitous systems, interdisciplinary evaluation, multi-method evaluation, factoring in context and disengaged users.

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