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Retrieving Cuneiform Structures in a Segmentation-free Word Spotting Framework

Leonard Rothacker, Denis Fisseler, Gerfrid G.W. M{\"u}ller, Frank Weichert and Gernot A. Fink
Proc. of the Int. Workshop on Historical Document Imaging and Processing, Nancy, France, 2015.

Cuneiform tablets are an invaluable documentation of early human history. Efforts are being made in digitizing large tablet collections for preserving their content and making them available to a global research community. However, there are hardly any automated computer aided methods for supporting philologists in their analysis. In this paper we present an approach for automatically retrieving cuneiform wedge constellations from digitized cuneiform tablet collections. Compelling results could be achieved in our qualitative and quantitative evaluation on a challenging benchmark consisting of 3D-scanned cuneiform tablets.

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