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Modality Integration and Dialog Management for a Robotic Assistant

I. Toptsis, A. Haasch, S. H{\"u}wel and G.A. J. and Fink Fritsch
Proc. European Conf. on Speech Communication and Technology, Lisboa, Portugal, 2005.

The communication with robotic assistants or companions is a challenging new domain for the use of dialog systems. In contrast to classical spoken language interfaces users interact with mobile robots mostly in a multi-modal way. In this paper we will present the integration of several modalities in the dialog system of BIRON -- the Bielefeld Robot Companion. Besides speech as the main modality the system integrates deictic gestures and visual scene information in order to resolve object references in a task oriented dialog. We will present example interactions with BIRON and first qualitative results from the "home-tour" scenario defined within the COGNIRON project.

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