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Pattern Recognition Group Wins Nakano Award

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An award form showing the authors names and the title of the paper. © DAS2020

The 14th International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS 2020) was held July 27-29, 2020. Originally planned to take place in Wuhan, China, the workshop was held in a virtual format. The program focuses on system-level issues and approaches in document analysis and recognition and it comprises invited speakers, oral and poster presentations.

This year the Nakano Award honouring the best paper was awarded to

Fabian Wolf and Gernot A. Fink

from the Pattern Recognition Group, Department of Computer Science, TU Dortmund, Germany for their paper


Annotation-free Learning of Deep Representations for Word Spotting using Synthetic Data and Self Labeling.

The authors continued the successful works of the pattern recognition group on the topic of word spotting and presented a novel training scheme. A big limitation on the application of word spotting systems based on machine learning is their high demand for manually labeled data. In their work, the authors were able to show that it is feasible to to train a neural network solely on a synthetic dataset and still achieve high retrieval performances.