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Seminar: Human-Robot Interaction

| Gernot A. Fink | Embedded System Design | Department of Computer Science | University of Dortmund

Seminar Human-Robot Interaction, SS 2006

Registration and Kick-off Meeting: 5.4.2006, 2 PM, (IRF/OH 8, R.108)


As robots more and more lay off their industrial roots and begin to enter areas of daily life, the interaction between robots and humans becomes increasingly important. The goal of this seminar is to explore different aspects of and methods for human-robot interaction. These will be complemented by case studies of robotic systems realizing advanced human-robot interaction capabilities.

Topics (tentative list)

  1. Introduction
    • History of Robotics Developments (From Manufacturing to the Private Home)
    • Sensing in Robotics (Overview) (Sonar, laser, force/torque, visual, acoustic, haptic, ...)
  2. Navigating and Acting in the Presence of Humans
    • Navigation in the Presence of Humans (Localization, map building, obstacle avoidance etc.)
    • Recogizing and Identifying Humans (Recognition of Faces, body shapes, ...)
    • Compliant Motion (wrt. Manipulation)
    • Collaborative Task-Execution (wrt. Planning)
  3. Human-Robot Communication
    • Attention Mechanisms (for Robots)
    • Multi-modal Perception (data association for e.g. combination of laser and visual)
    • Spoken Lanugage Human-Robot Dialog
    • Gesture Based Interaction (with Robots)
    • Simulation and Recognition of Emotions (by Robots)
  4. Case Studies
    • Service Robots (e.g. Care-o-bot)
    • Anthropomorphic Robots (Asimo and Friends, Kismet & Leonardo) (The role of robot apperance: Why anthropomorphic?)
    • Entertainment Robots (Aibo and Friends)
  5. Perspectives, Goals, Dreams: Where do we want to go? (plenary discussion, final session)

Presentations / Seminar Papers:

  • Tobias Ramforth, 20.4.: History of Robotics Developments (Talk, Paper)
  • Marcel Witte, 27.4.: Sensing in Robotics (Talk, Paper)
  • Colin Doert, 4.5.: Recognizing and Identifying Humans (Talk, Paper)
  • Michael Kruse, 11.4.: Compliant Motion (Talk, Paper)
  • Selma Jabour, Rayan Naal, 18.5.: Gesture Based Interaction (Paper)
  • Christian Kintzel, Carsten Rohde, 1.6.: Navigation in the Presence of Humans (Talk, Paper)
  • Tina Neng, 8.6.: Attention Mechanisms for Robots (Talk, Paper)
  • Adam Vincze, 8.6.: Multi-modal Perception (Paper)
  • Sven Böttcher, 22.6.: Principles of Robot Motion (Talk, Paper)
  • Christian Kleine-Cosack, 22.6.: Recognition and Simulation of Emotions (Paper)
  • Thorsten Beuchel, 29.6.: Service Robots (Talk, Paper)
  • Jens Kaufmann. 29.6.: Anthropomorphic Robots (Talk, Paper)
  • Markus Korte, 6.7.: Entertainment Robots (Talk, Paper)


  • Huang, X., Acero, A., Hon, H-W.: Spoken Language Processing: A Guide to Theory, Algorithm, and System Development, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2001.
  • Menzel, P., D'Aluisio, F.: Robo Sapiens: Evolution of a New Species, The MIT Press, 2000.

last modified: March.08.2007

| Gernot A. Fink | Embedded System Design | Department of Computer Science | University of Dortmund